Snail Pellet (500g)

Snail Pellet (500g)

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Snail & Slug Pellets contains 50g / kg of Metaldehyde, which works by disrupting the mucus production ability of snails and slugs. This reduces their digestion and mobility and makes them susceptible to dehydration. Snails and slugs that have eaten Metaldehyde often seek hiding places, become inactive and begin to die within days. It protects crops from common snail and slug species through reduction of population.


  • Metaldehyde - 5%
  • Inert Ingredients - 95%


Apply around 30 pellets around 1sqm of garden bed or planting containers onto damp soil, but not when rain is imminent.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Prevent children and pets from accessing treatment areas. Wash hands after handling.

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