Sheep Pellets, Organic Fertilizer (4kg)

Sheep Pellets, Organic Fertilizer (4kg)

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Sheep Pellets are a natural product made of pelletized sheep manure and wool waste.

In addition to being a gentle source of nutrients, sheep pellets make an excellent soil conditioner, improve soil moisture retention and aeration. The nutrient release from Sheep Pellets is prolonged as sustained microbial activity is required to break down the organic matter in the pellets. This slow release effect means there is little risk of the plants suffering from fertilizer burn.

Sheep pellets are also a good soil conditioner, helping to bulk up both heavy soils and light, sandy soils. In addition, they help soils to hold onto moisture for thirsty roots. Sheep pellets are low on odor and are easy to apply in fruit and vegetable gardens. You can even add them to your home compost heap to give it a pep-up.

  • 3% Nitrogen for better growth
  • 1% Phosphorous for improved root development
  • 3% Potassium for increased fruiting and flowering

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