Mentha, Mint (12cm Pot)
Mentha, Mint (12cm Pot)
Mentha, Mint (12cm Pot)

Mentha, Mint (12cm Pot)

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Mint is a highly aromatic, perennial herb in the genus Mentha of the Lamiaceae family.

Plants are easily identified by their bright scent and refreshing taste, and by the square stems typical of Lamiaceae family members. The presence of pungent essential oils gives Mentha its attractive fragrance that fills the surrounding area with a sweet perfume.

It’s a welcome ingredient in cold beverages and teas, as well as in sweet and savory dishes. And its renowned taste and aroma are found in a myriad of products around the home from air fresheners to mouthwash.

Fragrant and deliciously cooling, mint is a popular beverage and kitchen herb. It’s also widely used in candies, teas, and toiletries – as well as aromatherapy and herbal remedies.

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