Cultivation Potting Mix (Small Packet)

Cultivation Potting Mix (Small Packet)

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We make it easier for you to make your own potting soil to suit your needs!

Simply combine our Potting Mix (Cocopeat + sand) or Rich Soil (Approved Soil Mix made up 3 parts Loamy Soil, 2 parts Compost and 1 part Sand) with our pre-mixed Cultivation Potting Mix (培植土) that is made up of Perlite, Pumice, Vermiculite, Red Volcanic Rock, Maifan Stone and Green Zeolite. (珍珠岩, 轻石,蛭石,火山石,麦饭石,仙石,绿沸石) and you are good to go! 

Having proper potting soil for plants with sensitive roots and succulents encourages the entire pot to dry out quickly, as many issues come from wet soil on or below the root system.

* Please kindly understand that plants are living things

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