Coco Grow Pole – 60cm & 90cm in Height
Coco Grow Pole – 60cm & 90cm in Height
Coco Grow Pole – 60cm & 90cm in Height

Coco Grow Pole – 60cm & 90cm in Height

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Coco Grow Pole is made of Coco Fibre or Coco Mat (bonded with natural latex) wrapped in PVC pole for the support  and protection of growing aroids, vines, shrubs and any other creepers.

Advantages of Coco Grow Pole:

  • They provide support for epiphytic plants to grow upwards.
  • They can supply moisture to the plant as Coco Fibre is a water retentive material, so watering/spraying the pole will allow it to store some moisture for the plants’ aerial roots to access.
  • They can help plants progress through to maturity. Taller plants think they’re closer to the sunlight and potentially leads to larger plants and larger leaves.
  • Space efficient as climbing plants occupy vertical space instead of horizontal. 
  • They can make unruly plants look good as it visually removes the stem and highlights the foliage. 
  • You can increase shape the plant as it effectively bring leaves closer together – shaping the plants’ foliage as you see fit.


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Coco Grow Pole 60cm $4.00


Coco Grow Pole 90cm $6.00

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