New shipment 31/12/2020


Morning everyone! It's almost the end of 2020 and we are starting to unload shipments to prepare for Chinese New Year 2021 (Year of the Ox). Please LIKE & FOLLOW us to keep yourself updated as we will be posting more of our CNY shipments for the whole of January 2021.

1. Lucky Twisted Bamboo (Available in different sizes)
2. Lucky Dragon Head Bamboo (Available in different sizes)
3. Ardicia crenata (富贵子)

We are open today, 31/12/2020 and also on 1st January 2021, from 8AM - 6PM. Do visit us at our garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 to select yours soon, we look forward to seeing you! 

We would also like to wish everyone a joyous 2021! May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

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