New shipment 24/09/2020


Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the long wait, our shipment finally arrived yesterday, have a look at our list and if you're interested, head on down to our garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951. We look forward to seeing you soon~ Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

1. Calathea lancifolia
2. Calathea roseopicta ‘Rosy’
3. Calathea makoyana
4. Calathea ornate / sanderiana
5. Monstera adansonii
6. Spathiphyllum, Peace lily
7. Nepenthes, Pitcher plant
8. Cycas
9. Schefflera
10. Assorted Fittonia
11. Asparagus fern
12. Stephania
13. Opuntia microdasys
14. Crassula marnieriana
15. Sempervivum
16. Haworthia fasciata
17. Assorted Cacti and Assorted Succulents
18. Epipremnum, Money plant
19. Pachira aquatica of all sizes

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