New shipment 24/02/2021


Good morning everyone! It’s Wednesday and our Cameron Highlands shipment is finally here! We will be resuming our usual shipment schedule as well so please keep updated on our Facebook Page for upcoming shipments and also please do visit us at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 so you don't miss out. We are open from Mon-Sun: 08:00AM to 07:00PM. See you here!
1. Assorted Chrysanthemum, 15cm pot
2. Assorted Kalanchoe, 10.5cm pot
3. Anthurium Red & Pink
4. Chilli Padi
5. Crassula, Jade Plant, 8.5cm pot
6. Dieffenbachia ‘Camilla’
7. Aeschynanthus Radicans, Lipstick Plant Red & Pink
8. Adiantum, Maidenhair Fern
9. Pelargonium citrosum, Mosquito Plant
10. Peperomia obtusifolia
11. Petunia
12. Aphelandra, Zebra Plant
13. Rosemary
14. Strawberry Plant (Limited stock)
15. Thyme (Limited stock)
16. Parsley (Limited stock)
17. Assorted box of Hedera Ivy, Ficus pumila and Peperomia caperata (Limited stock)


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