New shipment 23/12/2020


Hi everyone! It is fast approaching Christmas and it has been a hectic morning at our garden centre. Our employees are working overtime to unload and arrange the plants ready for any last minute weekend shopping so please pardon us if it looks a bit messy right now as we have 2 shipments (China and Cameron Highlands) to unbox at the same time (Yikes!).
We will also have another shipment coming by the end of this week (with assorted cacti and succulents) so keep your schedules open as we will be open from 8AM – 7PM on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (24th & 25th). Do visit us at our garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 anytime, look forward to seeing you soon!
UPDATE: Chinese New Year shipments will be arriving starting this week with Twisted & Dragonhead Bamboo now in stock and the rest will tentatively be arriving early-mid January 2020. Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

1. Assorted Aglaonema
2. Assorted Phalaenopsis
3. Assorted Pachira (big head, QQ, 3in1, 5 twisted large and mini)
4. Assorted Sansevieria
5. Alocasia amazonica
6. Monstera adansonii
7. Lotus bamboo, 3 in 1 Lucky Bamboo
8. Calamansi, China lime
9. Spathiphyllum, Peace lily
10. Zamioculcas in various sizes
11. Ficus elastica Burgundy
12. Anthurium Red and Pink
13. Mini Murraya
14. Nepenthes, Monkey cup
15. Calathea makoyana
16. Cycas
17. Twisted Bamboo & Dragonhead Bamboo
18. Rosemary
19. Begonia Red Vine
20. Assorted Kalanchoe (Limited Stock)
21. Ajuga (Limited Stock)
22. Culantro Sawtooth coriander (Limited Stock)

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