New shipment 16/10/2020


Hey everyone! Our new shipment arrived yesterday and we have a bunch of assorted Caladium, Aglaonema, Sansevieria and of course assorted cacti and succulents waiting to be brought home this weekend. If you're interested, head on down to our garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951. We look forward to seeing you soon~ Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

1. Assorted Caladium
2. Assorted cacti and succulents (Haworthia, Stapelia, Ferocactus, Euphorbia, Aloe vera etc.)
3. Cathelea makoyana
4. Corton
5. Ficus root
6. Spathiphyllum, Peace lily
7. Anthurium Red
8. Assorted Aglaonema
9. 3 in 1 lucky bamboo
10. Ficus elastica variegated
11. Calamansi lime
12. Assorted Sansevieria (Moonshine, Black Dragon)
13. Pinus (Blue pine)
14. Sunflower


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