New shipment 12/05/2022


Hi everyone! Our assorted orchids (Vanda, Dendrobium, Cattleya etc), staghorn ferns (Platycerium wandae & kishakoot) from Thailand, small Malaysia shipment on top of our Cameron Highlands shipment are up and ready for sale today!
This is the time to visit us this weekend to make your selections and we will keep updating the photos in this post so please do LIKE or FOLLOW us for future updates!
Some of the orchids and staghorn ferns are limited in stock so please do visit us at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 this weekend for a look! We are open from Mon-Sun: 08:00AM to 07:00PM.
1. Rhynchostylis retusa alba, $38 each
2. Paphiopedilum godefroyae (limited stock!), $30 each
3. Adenoncos parviflora, $30 each
4. Pelatantheria insectifera, $30 each
5. Schoenorchis fragrans, $30 each
6. Sobennikoffia robusta, $30 each
7. Dendrobium parishii Hybrids (pink/white colours!), $30 each
8. Monnierara/Catasetum Millenium Majic 'Witchcraft', $30 each
9. Pomatocalpa angustifolia, $25 each
10. Chiloschista parishii 'Kanchanaburi', $25 each
11. Dendrobium lindleyi, $25 each
12. Assorted Cattleya in different colours, $25 each
13. Vanda hybrids (tessallata x Aerides flabellata). $25 each
14. Assorted Aranda hybrids (in red, purple, spotted, orange, gold colours!), $20 each
15. Dendrobium Hibiki, $20 each
16. Assorted Vanda Hybrids (now in gold, blue, purple, pink and red colours!), $20 each
17. Assorted Dendrobium Hybrid Antelope x Spider, $15 each
18. Dendrobium Bigibbum hybrids, $4 each
We have 2 types of Platycerium this shipment;
1. Platycerium wandae, $58 each (STOCKS ARE LIMITED!)
2. Platycerium kishakoot, $58 each (STOCKS ARE LIMITED!)
For Platycerium ridleyi, we have been informed that they are still not of sellable standard yet, we will keep checking again.

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