New shipment 07/12/2020


Good Mon-ning! We just welcomed a new shipment this Monday morning and since yall know we are a wholesale plant nursery, stocks will be limited. To avoid any disappointment, head on down to our garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 soon! We look forward to seeing you~ We will also be bringing in a new shipment of ceramic pots this week so look out for any updates. Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

1. Assorted Caladium
2. Assorted Sansevieria (superba, laurentii, hahnii, masoniana ‘Whale Fin’)
3. Assorted Aglaonema
4. Assorted Calathea (lancifolia, makoyana, sanderiana etc)
5. Assorted fittonia
6. Cycas
7. Alocasia amazonica
8. Monstera adansonii
9. Lotus bamboo, 3 in 1 Lucky Bamboo
10. China lime
11. Maidenhair fern
12. Peperomia polybotrya
13. Spathiphyllum, Peace lily
14. Zamioculcas zamiifoli
15. Assorted cacti and succulents (Sempervivum, String of pearls, Haworthia fasciata, Kalanchoe synsepala etc)
16. Maranta leuconeura (limited stock)
17. Philodendron birkin (limited stock)

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