Coco Coir products (from Sri Lanka)

new product

Hey everyone! We have a few new Coco Coir products (from Sri Lanka) in our garden centre this weekend.

  1. Coco Peat Briquette (650 Grams, 9 Litre), $4 each
  2. Coco Chip Briquette (500 Grams, 6 Litre), $4 each
  3. Coco Grow Pole – 60cm in Height, $4 each
  4. Coco Grow Pole – 90cm in Height, $6 each

Avid gardeners can now customise and mix their own ratio of Coco Peat, Perlite, Pumice, Vermiculite, Coco Chips and Fertiliser (Compost) according to their liking.

Coco Peat and Coco Chip are usually used as a soil-less growing medium for potted indoor plants as they hold and drain water well. Having proper potting soil for plants with sensitive roots encourages the entire pot to dry out quickly, as many issues come from wet soil on or below the root system.

Visit us anytime at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951, we are open from Mon-Sun: 08:00AM to 07:00PM. See ya!

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