CNY 2021 Updates 22/01/2021

cny 2021

It’s a TGIF morning and our shipments of CNY flowers from Cameron Highlands will be arriving subsequently over this weekend and next week.
Besides CNY plants, we recommend picking up a few of our budding Thailand-flown Vanda and Dendrobium orchids and create your own custom pot of orchids with our selection of ceramic pots, plastic pots and planters!

We are also still stocking our assorted nursery-made CNY plant groupings and staggered the shipment timings so that we will have fresh stocks for your picking until the week of CNY period so please do visit us garden centre at 80 Jalan Lekar, SG 698951 this weekend and keep updated on our Facebook Page! We are open from Mon-Sun: 08:00AM to 07:00PM.

Don’t say we bo jio ah!

1. Chrysanthemum 菊花 in various pot sizes
2. Kalanchoe 万紫千红 in various pot sizes
3. Pussy Willow 銀柳 (from Taiwan)
4. African violet 紫罗兰 (limited numbers)
5. Gloxinia 大岩桐 (limited numbers)
6. Rosemary
7. Assorted Vanda, Dendrobium etc
8. Four Season Lime 四季桔 in 7”, 8” and 14” pots sizes

Don't forget to check out our facebook for more pictures!

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